sabato 29 giugno 2013

Road Instructions

As we are arriving to our 2013 Aprilia Caponord International Meeting edition.., here we make easy for all to understand some organization rules. This because we have really happy to receive more and more friends but also increasing needs to distribute exact and clear information for all to ride and to stay safely and happy to share this: One Moment Time of our bikers year.

At first I'm pasting some easy rules planned from our Swiss Coordinators group. In another titles you see other information and instructions for every part of ACIM you wish to participate:

ACIM 2013
Some shared instructions for roads to come

As we will be numerous, there are some rules that will make our week-end easyer :

1) Meals

A coach group will be at the same time in our hotel. They will have their meals before us, so that we will eat after, among us.

Breakfast-buffet will be served from 8h00, evening meal at 20h30. A nice bar is available to chat and talk about our day trip.
The evening meal, with 3 dl mineral water, is included in the room fees.

For the wines, we chose a rosé, a red and a white bottle from the close area. The half liter bottle costs 17.00 €. Please tell your room number to the waiter and all will be charged at the end of your stay.

For your everyday expenses, remember to change some Swiss francs.

2) Routes

Everyone is free to ride alone, in a small group or with the organisation.
The routes can be uploaded on internet. Every day, there is a normal tour and a longer one. Both routes until lunch are the same.
For those who like to follow the organisation, there will be somebody showing a change in the itenerary.
We will start a 9h00 precisely (as we are in Switzerland), with the tank full.

In Switzerland, the GREEN road indicators will lead you on the motorways, where you need a tax disk (40.00 CHF) . We will only follow the BLUE and WHITE indicators.

Fot both days, we arranged:
-      A stop for the morning coffee
-      A restaurant with unique lunch (14.00 €), so that we do not loose too much time
-      For those who bought their picnic, there is a spot not far from the hotel.

All motorcyclists travel on their own risks, respecting the traffic law. One particularity: pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing are having priority, so you have to stop.

We will be glad to meet you and show you beautiful country sites.